01.Why use Selenium AI in test environments?

The agenda here is to provide users with an in build selenium platform so that they don’t have to go through the headache of maintaining and constructing one to enjoy the easily accessible cloud features. Building one on your own in the cloud is a very time consuming process and keeping tab of its functioning and processing is just a add on to the problem. We take care of all that for you, so that test environments do not become a hassle.

02.How are you able to provide this much of test time?

The cloud computing prices have reduced over the last few years and we try keeping track of that. We want our customers to take advantage of the decreasing prices. We also provide the facility to use Spot Instances as mentioned in ‘How it Works’ to get our customers good deals for using the cloud.

03.Do you also support Performance testing?

We do support performance testing along with the basic test environments. With the reduction in cost in the cloud computing environment, providing real browser monitoring system instead of using the virtual ones has become economically convenient for us as well as our users. You can try our Professional Plan to get the experience of how everything works and then move on to Performance Plan that initiate up to 200 nodes or we can setup the entire cloud according to your business needs. Easy customizations available.

04.How do you engage your Selenium AI virtual machine cloud to run one test session at a time?

While analyzing everything we found out that hardly any test environment provided one session at a time on a grid node facility and we realized how crucial this particular feature is. We found out running many browser sessions simultaneously leads to a lot of crashes and tampering with the system, resulting in delay in the ongoing process which is not worth all the hassle. We deal in a maintenance process that takes care of selenium AI over long time periods and keep on adding to these versions. We also assess the progress of the cloud for better user experience.

05.What about Mac OS test environment? Do you support that?

Not right now. You can instead use Selenium AI to run your test environment on desktop with Google, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc at a minimal cost and at a very high speed. You can also use local browsers for smaller uses.

06.How do I access my testing environment while going through my account?

We have made Selenium AI easily accessible and convenient for our users, you can look through it via internet using primary http validation or via the Selenium bridge tunnel provided. You can also access your firewall web applications through the Selenium Bridge.